Welcome to our kaupapa Māori consultancy.

Finding solutions using Indigenous wisdom.

Nau mai, haere mai

Let’s build an economy of abundance.
Let’s lead with compassion & love.
Let’s live in tune with our environment.

We specialise in leadership, strategy, workforce development, supervision, research & evaluation.

Contact us: turama.practise@gmail.com

Our values


Profound passion, fascination & illumination for humanity, the environment & the universe. 


Responsibility & grounding to protect, nurture & thrive. 


Meaningful relationships with people, places & spaces.

tū practise

We are a small kaupapa Māori consultancy dedicated to Indigenous leadership. We are passionate about systemic change grounded in Indigenous scholarship. Our key areas of mahi involve:

tū lead: leadership & strategy

tū find: research & evaluation

tū hear: supervision & coaching

tū right: publications, blogging

tū stand: governance

The achievement of authentic being is an unfolding process of living an authentic life and that all things are in a process of becoming.

Marsden, 2003

tū lead

Leadership training & strategic planning can begin with a 1-2 day wānanga exploring and developing a vision, mission, aims and working objectives. We can tailor planning towards existing operational documents and frameworks as suited. We will work with you to finalise the strategic vision and produce a document to socialise with the organisation/workforce.

tū hear

We offer one-on-one supervision and collective supervision. Both are delivered through whole sensory learning and strength-based approaches using co-creation methods, Māori mindfulness, & whitiwhiti kōrero. Collective supervision is an excellent platform to support staff, raise professional practice, build confidence and is supported by one-on-one supervision. Collective supervision provides opportunities for individuals to come together and discuss workplace challenges, reflect on practice, share knowledge and to further develop mātauranga Māori in combination with clinical practice.

tū wānanga

One of our main forms of enagaement that we love is wānanga. This means providing a safe space to learn from each other and explore actionable pathways. It is envisioned that wānanga are conducted at a marae and will follow tikanga and kawa practices.

Latest Work

Aro ki te Wairua o te Hā, is set within an enclave of native bush on the lands of Te Kawerau ā Maki – Aotearoa New Zealand. I combine videography, words and painting to articulate my identity and journey as an Indigenous artist, activist and community psychologist. I begin with an abstract image that appears visually dislocated, fluid, and non-complementary to my words; however, this process is purposeful. I invite the audience to the experience by asking, “What do you see?” “What do you hear?” “What do you feel?” “What do you taste?” “What are you touching?” “What smells are around you?” drawing on senses to emancipate stories and spirit otherwise choked in Psychology. I invite the audience to make sense of the image – to try and create, light up and connect. Inviting mystery, curiosity, confusion and misperception, mirroring parts of my reflective, emotional, and practical responses to psychology and spirit.

Latest news

Indigenous Anthology

A HEALING JOURNEY George and I have been part of the Indigenous Ancestral Healing Collective since 2020. The collective includes two tribal coalition directors, two Alliance staff (from Turtle Island/USA), along with Indigenous people from Kānaka Maoli (Hawai’i), Māori Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Aboriginal (Australia) representing subject matter experts, professionals, academia, radio broadcaster, artists and…

Hapai te hauora

“it’s like breathing your ancestors into life” Drawing from the wisdom of the whakataukī ‘Te Amorangi ki mua, te hāpai ō ki muri’, explorations of breathing our ancestors into life can be attained through ‘amorangi’ spiritual realm and ‘hāpai o’ physical realm. Further, the late koroua, Wiremu Tawhai explained that those who follow are as…

Shapeshifting in the Journal of Critical Psychology

Have you ever worked on something for so long it seems like it might never arrive – like an overdue baby that’s got to come out sometime right? My friends and I – Rachel and Ali have been working hard / shapeshifting in the background to get this publication live. And now it is! And…

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