Shapeshifting in the Journal of Critical Psychology

Have you ever worked on something for so long it seems like it might never arrive – like an overdue baby that’s got to come out sometime right?

My friends and I – Rachel and Ali have been working hard / shapeshifting in the background to get this publication live. And now it is! And the world hasn’t shifted, the fireworks haven’t gone off but a light has ignited and the winds are picking up…

Papatūānuku raua ko Hineomairangi

Awry Squared is where academia meets creative expression that western institutions typically kill off and choke. We each produced three articles all with different mediums of creativity. My article uses painting, spoken word and videography; Ali is about creative writing and rhythms and Rachel uses means of embodiment and poetry.

Our first issue

I dedicate this issue to my Great Great Grandmother

Ramari Waiariki (nee Heremia) 1879–1965

Awry2: Making Space for Experimenting with Form

Aro ki te Wairua o te Ha ̄: Spoken Spirit, Spirit Formed

Ni en tu lengua, ni en la mía: A Manifesto on Experimental Writing

What Could the White Body Do For Decolonising Psychology? 31 Questions

Published by Tākuta Teah

Indigenous woman, partner, māmā, sister, daughter, aunty, artist, story catcher/teller, researcher, evaluator and academic. I draw on these identities to express, connect and articulate kotahitanga, mana motuhake and aroha.

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