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Indigenous Anthology

A HEALING JOURNEY George and I have been part of the Indigenous Ancestral Healing Collective since 2020. The collective includes two tribal coalition directors, two Alliance staff (from Turtle Island/USA), along with Indigenous people from Kānaka Maoli (Hawai’i), Māori Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Aboriginal (Australia) representing subject matter experts, professionals, academia, radio broadcaster, artists and…

Hapai te hauora

“it’s like breathing your ancestors into life” Drawing from the wisdom of the whakataukī ‘Te Amorangi ki mua, te hāpai ō ki muri’, explorations of breathing our ancestors into life can be attained through ‘amorangi’ spiritual realm and ‘hāpai o’ physical realm. Further, the late koroua, Wiremu Tawhai explained that those who follow are as…

Shapeshifting in the Journal of Critical Psychology

Have you ever worked on something for so long it seems like it might never arrive – like an overdue baby that’s got to come out sometime right? My friends and I – Rachel and Ali have been working hard / shapeshifting in the background to get this publication live. And now it is! And…

Ira Tangata, Ira Atua

As a child growing up I would stand on maunga that surrounded my whare and imagine I had the mana to control the elements – change the direction of the winds – declaring to Hineomairangi and Tāwhirimātea to heed to my words. After my karanga I would listen for the tree to chatter, birds to…

Pink Salt Healing

“To live free in an unfree space” My friend, my follower that remains Blood vessel purple pain Bring on pink salt healing A crystal sting on my wound With skin to rise Reminds me we belong Birthed in salt waters the same salt that Suspends and flavours our brain Below inflamed toothless gums Chewing on…

Tāne te Waiora

Mens health Week 2021 I have a Rockstar pāpā (dad) who is the kaumātua of the shearing sheds, who cuts up mutton faster than he can smoke a cigarette – I know cause he does it at the same time! He’s hearty, oldskool, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kinda fulla and can usually…

On this mother’s day

I wrote my poem below after I read an article about a māmā whale, grieving the death of her calf, in her own way. Tai te Kahurangi Wahine tangi haehae, he ngaru moana, e kore e mātaki As I read the words “she was a mother, who happened to be an orca” I know, I…

Story Catcher

Catching stories is a privilege but telling them is such a skill. It takes skills to hold peoples attention, imagination, emotions and connect in ways that go beyond words that are spoken. #consciouspuku

Understanding is LIFE

One of my idols Dr Manulani Aluli Meyer. I resonate with this quote on many levels. I have come to ‘understand’ by doing and sharing. Part of my liberated understanding is listening, with my minds eye, heart and puku. #consciouspuku

What do you do māmā?

When asked by my tamariki what I do – I described that I catch stories, from the people that I meet and connect with through interviews, wānanga and readings. This picture is one such story that is important to me, it holds the mana, humour, aroha and whānau that grounds me in everything that I…


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