Pink Salt Healing

“To live free in an unfree space”

My friend, my follower that remains

Blood vessel purple pain

Bring on pink salt healing

A crystal sting on my wound

With skin to rise

Reminds me we belong

Birthed in salt waters the same salt that

Suspends and flavours our brain

Below inflamed toothless gums

Chewing on cured meat – colonial violent savages

White picket soldiers smiling at you


Blood, dried and cracked on a sweated skin surface

A red barren reminder of floods long ago

Many moons of pulling salt lakes

Make me alien to holding my own hand

Underneath a wet pillow of salty tears.

Ancestorial drowning – gasps gifted to my healing lessons,

Lungs filled with blue.

A chosen restriction to determine the s         t           r           e          t           c          h

Mark the scars

To have nothing [                                                                                                                    ]

This is what I will do my love

Heal for you

A pinch to measure

Salt my wound

Kill bacteria to crackle skin

Tightening my tongue

Flavour water and life

For legacies of embodied freedom a message for the ages

“to live free in an unfree space”


Published by Tākuta Teah

Indigenous woman, partner, māmā, sister, daughter, aunty, artist, story catcher/teller, researcher, evaluator and academic. I draw on these identities to express, connect and articulate kotahitanga, mana motuhake and aroha.

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