Kirimoko – Blood & Bone Holder

Blood and bone holder

Kirimoko – Spoken September 2020


The seen face of life, land, space and love.

Skin breathing.

The breath of our bodies, protection, oxygen, our blood and bone holder. An expression of self, relationships. To stand out or fit in? Ink holder, cells and whakapapa.

Skin protected.

We cover it in creams, lotions, make up, chemicals, shave, shape it, pierce it, clean it and sanitize it. Skin is vulnerable – open, seen, felt, touched and tasted.

Skin expressed.

Wāhine bleed into her. Pūtoto, bleeding, squirting, seeping through. Skin vibrates, trembles, pounds, itches, cracks, weeps, sweats and cries. Expressed with wai and tote/salt. Tote to express, heal, sting and flavour. Connecting us to mother and her waters, moana and land deposits.

Skin speaking.

Our skin intelligence, emotional meter. Rises when we are scared, stands when we get a fright, bumps when we are cold, and scars to remind us our experiences were real even when our memories are stolen, hide or fade.

Skin colouring.

A sheet of pigments and light refractors. What colour is her/your skin? Is it colour? Close your eyes, see the skin that holds them. What do you see? It is life and death, matter, energy – a reflection of the world around us. What does society see and say? They see colour – the heads that hold eyes to create meaning. Heads without bodies, numb and ignorant.

Skin valued.

Origin people pay for our skin. Mothers’ skin, our organ, our land, we walk upon her. Always paying attention to how we walk on her. Don’t dig too deep, cut, separate, sell or destroy. Tread lightly, care, nurture and feed at her breast.


The seen face of life, land, space and love.


Published by Tākuta Teah

Indigenous woman, partner, māmā, sister, daughter, aunty, artist, story catcher/teller, researcher, evaluator and academic. I draw on these identities to express, connect and articulate kotahitanga, mana motuhake and aroha.

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