Whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo
Ki te tangi a te manu e karanga nei
Tui, tui, tuituia!
Tuia i runga, Tuia I raro,
Tuia i roto, tuia i waho,
Tuia i te here tangata
Ka rongo te pō, Ka ronga te pō.
Tuia i te kāwai tangata i heke mai
I Hawaiki nui, I Hawaiki roa,
i Hawaiki pāmamao
I hono ki te wairua, ki te whai ao
Ki te Ao Mārama!

Chant by Eruera Stirling

The framing of whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo is an important concept when we consider how we ‘listen’ to connect and relate with each other. We developed this framework to understand how we (health workforce and whānau) can best communicate in any health setting. Specifically complex situations where communication is vital to patients and whānau hauora (health and wellbeing).

For whānau this can mean

Whatumanawa – To listen with your minds eye – logic – this is for us to hear
Manawa – To listen with your heart – emotional – this is for us to awaken
Pūmanawa – To listen with your puku – intuition – this is for us to feel

For Health practitioners this can mean

LogicA to ASK what knowledge patient and whānau have – this is to hear
EmotionB check-in and-BUILD on their knowledge and understandings and clarify misunderstood information – this is to awaken
IntuitionC to CHECK with patients and whānau what they have heard – this is to feel

  • Whakarongo – Whatumanawa – To listen with our minds eye – logic
  • Whakarongo – Manawa – To listen with our hearts – emotional
  • Whakarongo – Pūmanawa – listen with your puku- intuition 

I spoke at Auckland University a few months ago and Im pleased that the word is spreading.

Kia Ora Dr Matire Harwood


Published by Tākuta Teah

Indigenous woman, partner, māmā, sister, daughter, aunty, artist, story catcher/teller, researcher, evaluator and academic. I draw on these identities to express, connect and articulate kotahitanga, mana motuhake and aroha.

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